LCP 2008

The 2nd International Workshop on Liquid Crystals for Photonics LCP2008 was held at Wolfson College, Cambridge, UK on 21-23 July.

The organisation of the Workshop was jointly shared by a team at Cambridge and a team from University College London. The Cambridge team are members of the Photonics and Sensors Group in the Department of Engineering; this Group is supported by an EPSRC Platform Grant in Liquid Crystal Photonics. The team from London are members of the UCL Electrical Engineering Department.

The organisation of the workshop was greatly facilitated by the cooperation of Wolfson College and financial sponsorship from the Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE). The college representatives were highly professional and efficient, and the college itself provided a relaxed, sociable, and inclusive atmosphere for informal discussions.

The topics of the workshop were wide ranging. There were nine oral sessions with invited and contributed talks covering all aspects of Liquid Crystal Photonics from lasing, modelling, alignment, nonlinear optics, solitons, waveguides and photonic crystals, colloidal suspensions to devices and applications.

A keynote lecture on “Liquid crystalline nonlinear optical meta-materials” was given by Prof. I C Khoo from Penn State University.

Invited speakers included Professors R Sambles, P Palffy-Muhoray, T. Sluckin, Yu. Reznikov, S. Faetti, K. Neyts, S. Elston, A. D’Alessandro and Dr E. Yao. The talks generated interesting discussions. Two poster sessions with 36 poster presentations in each were very busy with lively discussions. Out of the 150 registrations, 55 were from the UK, 19 from Spain and 15 from Poland. The workshop had also broadened outside of Europe with 5 US participants, 4 from South Korea, 3 from Hong Kong, 1 from Taiwan and 1 from Australia.

Download the PDF copy of the workshop report.