CAPE / ARUP Workshop on Sustainability of Built Environment

The Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE) is creating a new thematic focus in relation to unmet needs and emerging requirements for the integration of technology into the built environment.  This will involve both the creation of new initiatives and the direction of the applications targets of some existing CAPE projects (see the CAPE White Paper on the Sustainability of the Built Environment)

As an initial step, in partnership with Arup, the CAPE Partners (Cambridge University, ALPS Electric and Dow Corning) are holding a Workshop on 26th November 2008 to formulate a strategy to validate the technical design and aesthetic needs of the market.  We are very keen to welcome a broad representation from the architectural, construction, energy, environment and communications interests in this sector.  To facilitate discussions over a wide range of topics, attendance of the Workshop will be by invitation only.

The Workshop will be jointly hosted by Professor Bill Milne (CAPE Director), Professor Bill Crossland (CAPE Chairman) and Professor Jeremy Watson (Director Global Research, Arup), and jointly chaired by Dr Terry V Clapp (embedded researcher for Dow Corning at CAPE, and CIKC Director) and Dr Marta Fernandez (Research Relations Manager, Arup).

Please click here to read an overview of the aims, drivers and objectives for the Workshop, which has been prepared by Dr Clapp.