Continuation of CAPE

The CAPE Office, on behalf of Professor Bill Milne (CAPE Director) and Dr Daping Chu (CAPE Chairman), is pleased to announce that on 1 April 2010 the CAPE Strategic Partnership entered its second phase (to be known as CAPE2).

Encouraged by the successes achieved during the first phase of CAPE (CAPE1) which ended on 31 March 2010, formal confirmation of interest has been received from both CAPE1 Strategic Partners, ALPS Electric and Dow Corning. In addition, interest in continuing their association in CAPE2 has been confirmed by the existing CAPE Associate, Carl Zeiss SMT (now renamed Carl Zeiss NTS Ltd).

With other international companies also showing a level of interest in joining CAPE over the coming months, CAPE2 looks forward to a new and exciting future to further its past success with increased synergy and an enhanced vision for business development and outreach.

CAPE Office