CAPE today

The current phase for CAPE started as on 1 April 2011 under the terms of the new CAPE Partnership Agreement (CPA), executed by the University in May 2011. Four companies joined CAPE as CAPE Partners by endorsing the CPA as on the same start date. These companies were: Alps Electric Co. Limited (electronic devices and components manufacture); Disney Research (media and entertainment); Dow Corning Corporation (silicon based materials and services); and Jaguar Land Rover (automotive). On 1 October 2015, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co., Ltd. (rail transport equipment) joined the CPA.

The mix of Partner interests has shifted over the years, but the current CAPE Partners (BIACD, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute, Disney Research and Jaguar Land Rover) continue to represent business interest on a global scale.

Carl Zeiss Microscopy Ltd (formerly Carl Zeiss SMT) confirmed their interest in continuing their CAPE association under the new CPA.
The CAPE Partnership welcomes interest from other companies in becoming CAPE Associates through investment in CAPE activities below the level expected from a full CAPE Partner.